The Coker's

The Coker's

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tamarindo Eats

Luckily we had a fabulous outdoor kitchen to utilize while we were there, so we didn't eat at the local restaurants as much as we usually would have, but we do have some good suggestions.

1. Nogui's- Excellent fish tacos!  They have a cheap deal where you can get a fish taco and a beer (go with Imperial) for like $6.00.  Because Tamarindo is a tourist destination, the food is not cheap, so this is a great deal!  The location is prime for watching the sunset over the horizon while you are sitting on the beach.

2. Bar 1 Sushi Lounge- EXCELLENT SUSHI!  You will find many sushi restaurants around the area, and we hear they are all pretty good... but as many times as I have had sushi in my life, this had to be the best second to a fabulous little joint I used to frequent in Vail, CO.  They play old surfer clips behind the bar, it's all open air, and it sits above the town on the second or third story of a building in the middle of all the action. Great prices too!

3. Khahiki- Now we didn't get to stop by and check it out, but our friends that were staying at Casa Bambora with us went and they LOVED IT!  They frequented several of the higher priced restaurants in the area, and they said this was their favorite!

4. Pizzeria Portofino- We had a great experience here!  We met lots of people that tried other pizza joints and they were NOT pleased, but we actually got lucky with this find!  We had a foccacia and a pizza with several Imperials and it was great!  I would recommend this for your pizza fix while in Tamarindo!

5. Mandarina- GO GET A MILK SHAKE! It's worth the calories!  They have great milk shakes along with juices, smoothies, and other ice cream treats.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this amazing post. I am going to Tamarindo and staying at Casa Bambora for 7 nights in two weeks! I am also trying to keep my budget low as I've heard Tamarindo is quite price, compared to the rest of Costa Rica.

    Let me know of any other tips you have or excursions you've done while you were there or any tips specifically related to Casa Bambora and the neighbouring areas. And also any recommendation on how to get from Liberia Intl Airport to Casa Bambora - is it a lot cheaper to use the bus or better to just take the shuttle?



  2. I am specifically interested in knowing how I could keep my costs down and get the most value on food, excursions, and transportation :)